Kuhinje koje stvara dizajner sportskih automobila (tekst i video)

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Kuhinje koje stvara dizajner sportskih automobila  (tekst i video)

Scavrolini nije verovao nikome do Fabricio Guigiaro za dizajn njihovih "Flux" kuhinja. Guigiaro je jedna od najmocnijih dizajnerskih kuca u Italiji koja se bave dizajnom automobila - 2006 Ford Mustang. Ako se pitate koliko uspesan moze biti u dizajniranju kuhinja, mi vam predlazemo da pogledate njihov rad i sami zakljucite.

Kitchens from a Sports Car Designer

Dec 8th 2008
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Scavolini entrusted non other than Fabrizio Giugiaro for designing their ‘Flux’ set of kitchens. For the unintiated, Giugiaro is one of Italy’s powerhouses in design, renowned world over for its contribution to the automotive industry and Fabrizio himself was instrumental in designing the 2006 Ford Mustang.

All this is well, but if you are wondering how successful could car designers be in designing kitchens, we suggest you take a look at their work below and decide for yourself.

A striking, contemporary composition with metallic red gloss lacquered doors, combined with steel worktops and wall claddings. The base and wall units, with curved doors, have visible aluminium-colour carcase. The circular cooking zone, including a base unit with revolving basket and cylindrical hood with mat black lacquered wings, is also eye-catching. The steel sink is integral with the worktop.

The entire body of the kitchen, in “Wood”, is arranged around the island, with its rational appeal and highly original dynamic, curved shape. The sinuous, ergonomic lines of base and wall units make it easy to organise storage space effectively. The base units have roomy pull-out big baskets, while the fl ap doors of the wall units mean more space inside.

Innovatively designed, high-tech, ergonomic, versatile and multifunctional. The Flux kitchen, born of Scavolini’s vast experience and the inspired genius of a master of design, expresses a new kitchen lifestyle: dynamic, young, and open to the world and all its novelties.

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